How to Make Pot Butter

How to Make Pot Butter

Generally, the processes of making cannabutter and cannabis oil are the same, but in order to receive a pure final product, it is better to use marijuana buds, not leaves or stems. Besides, we recommend you to do a potent extraction to be able to dilute it later to your personal taste or mood with usual butter or oil during the meal preparation. Any cooking oil is suitable for the cannabis extraction, but most marijuana enthusiasts prefer coconut oil for its medical benefits. More than that, coconut oil has a high level of fat in its content, which means the ability to bind more cannabinoids than other oils. Here is a great recipe for cannabis butter or oil that will definitely become your favorite.

What you need

– 1 ounce cannabis flower (dried)

– 2 cups butter or oil

– large saucepan

– spoon (preferably wooden)

– bowl

– cheesecloth

– string

Step-by-step instruction

Step 1. Grind your weed either with the help of your hands, food processor, or blender. You may also use a coffee grinder. Remember: the finer your marijuana powder is, the better butter you will get.

Step 2. Fill your saucepan with water so that it is four-five inches deep and place it on the stove. Here is a note you should take seriously: marijuana has to be a couple of inches from the bottom all the time, otherwise it will be ruined.

Step 3. Once the water starts to boil, add the usual butter and let it melt completely.

Step 4. Add your ground marijuana and turn the heat to the minimum. Keep patient and let the mixture cook for at least 3 hours. Avoid boiling as it will destroy the cannabinoids. Stir the substance every half an hour.

Step 5. Not to lose time while the cannabutter is cooking, take a bowl and place cheesecloth over it (it is better to make two layers) and fix it with string or tape.

Step 6. Strain the substance through the cheesecloth.

Step 7. Place the bowl with cannabutter in the refrigerator and let it cool for a couple of hours.

Step 8. Get the cannabutter out of the bowl using a knife. Scrape off the water and enjoy!

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