How to Make Marijuana Buds Huge

How to Make Marijuana Buds Huge

There are a few weed tricks that will help you get the biggest marijuana buds ever. Your harvest will be doubled or even tripled! The main things marijuana growers are worried about are the operation security, the plants’ health and ability to survive, and the successful result. In this article, we will focus on the most important one—how to upsize marijuana buds.


First of all, to make buds grow quickly, remove the dying leaves from the plant, as they are taking away part of energy. So, as soon as you see yellow leaves, break them off because they will never be green again. This trick will help you preserve resources for the parts of the plant that are still alive. Another way of making your plant grow faster is to remove the highest buds on the plant. This process, called topping, will cause the rest of the buds to grow faster due to the saved energy.

Nutrition usage

Including nutrients into the plant’s “diet” will make its buds fatter and heavier. During the flowering stage, feed the plant with extra phosphorous.


Light intensity plays a leading role in the plant’s growth. Increase it enough so that the plant does not need to stretch to get more light. It will make it short and bushy. Try not to put the plant under the straight light, therefore supply it with as much light as possible.

Carbon Dioxide usage

Another way of making the plant grow faster is to provide more carbon dioxide. This method will be more effective if at the same time you increase the amount of light as the plant is ready to utilize more of it. Want to give marijuana a superpower? Then this way is the best one. Just do not forget to be careful and stay away when pumping your plants with high doses of CO2 as it has the opposite influence on people.

Humidity and temperature

When trying to create a perfect environment for the plant’s growth, take into account the levels of humidity and temperature. The too high temperature will cause the buds to be less potent-smelling, and it is the main indicator of the quality of marijuana.

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