How to Make Hashish

How to Make Hashish

Nowadays, the cannabis market is full of different concentrates, like wax, BHO, and hash, that promise to change our medicine. In this article, we will take a deeper look at the world’s oldest concentrate: hash. We still do not know the exact origin of hash, though this marijuana product has been known for the centuries. Marijuana enthusiasts and patients consider this sweet and golden substance the treasure of the modern medicine. Whichever way you consume hash, we are sure that you are very interested to know the process of making hashish.  

How is hash made?

On today’s market, you can find numerous types of hash, but traditionally, hashish was made using one of the following two methods.

– Producers first sift the dried cannabis tops through different sieves in order to receive a fine resinous powder (kief). Then, they compress and heat it. It makes the resin melt and bind.

– Producers rub live resinous parts of cannabis with hands or a small piece of leather. It allows the resin particles to stick together. Then, it is scraped off, rolled into lumps, and compressed.

As an alternative, many producers use ice water to make hashish. The tops of cannabis are placed into a container filled with ice. Then, it is thoroughly shaken for a long time. Afterward, the tops are removed, and the received water is passed through a fine filter. Then, the water is heated to allow the extracts to mix.

All of the mentioned methods do not require the use of chemicals for separating trichomes from the cannabis plant. However, there is one more method that uses a special chemical solvent in order to create hashish. Usually, it is the combination of butane, ethanol, and CO2. Cannabis material is soaked in the solvent to dissolve the trichomes. Then, the cannabis matter is removed along with the solvent. The substance is properly purified. This end product is usually called hash oil, shatter, or wax. The concentration of THC in such products is higher than in those of natural production.

Take into account that the high from hashish is clearer than from other cannabis products; also, users can stay couch-locked after a good dose of hash.

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