How to Make Hash Brownies

How to Make Hash Brownies

While weed brownies are certainly the most famous edibles, you may still find this page very interesting as it is the key to your success! You may ask how much weed for brownies you need to buy, but in fact, if you just take a bag of weed and throw it into a brownie mix, it will not do you much good. First of all, we need to activate the THC in marijuana to make our brownies potent. Cannabutter is what you need to make first while cooking weed brownies. If it is your first time cooking, do not worry, it is not hard, even if you are the worst cook in the world. Just make sure you are attentive enough and keep an eye on what you are doing so that your house does not burn down. So, let us begin with gathering all the necessary ingredients for weed brownies.


Well, the list is quite short, so put away your notebook. First of all, make sure that the weed you are going to use is decarboxylated. How much you want to use depends only on you and your preferences concerning the potency of edibles. Take into account that different marijuana strains have different potency, so an ounce of one strain will not have the same effect as half an ounce of another strain. Another essential ingredient is cannabutter, which we can also make. Also, you will need a regular brownie mix and any ingredients it requires.

How to make cannabis-infused butter?

For this, you need usual butter, pot, a pan, a mixing bowl, and spoons. Place your pot on the stove over medium-low heat. Some people like to use water as this way, you can cook weed into the butter for much longer. The water will evaporate instead of butter, so the THC will have more time to be absorbed by the butter. Do not forget to grind your weed, preferably in a weed grinder so that you do not have to strain it later. Simmer the ingredients for half an hour, stirring frequently. When finished, stir the mixture and pour it into a container. Let the butter cool down and place into the refrigerator overnight. The next morning you will have all the ingredients to cook any weed brownies you want! More than that, cannabutter is used to make cookies, toasts, potato, popcorn, muffins, mac’n’cheese, and other delicacies!

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