How to Make Filter For Joint

How to Make Filter For Joint

Today we are going to talk to you about the essential joint-rolling skills, like how to make a joint filter and put it into your joint. Smoking joints is probably the most popular and most traditional way to consume weed. More than that, rolling a proper joint is considered art. That is why you should get the skills necessary for making a perfect joint. Otherwise, you will never have an unforgettable experience and deep satisfaction from your joint. There are dozens of methods to follow in order to make a proper doobie construction, though if you follow our instructions, you will never have problems with successfully rolling a joint any time you want to.

1. Gather the needed materials

If you want to make a joint right, then start with finding great bud. You will also need a weed grinder and high-quality rolling paper. You can find all these things at the local dispensary. We do not recommend you to make a joint if marijuana is not legalized in your state.

2. Grind marijuana

Grind the buds of your favorite marijuana strain into shake with the help of a metal weed grinder. This will prevent your hands from becoming sticky. Keep in mind that it is much easier to grind well-dried cannabis. If you do not have a weed grinder or something similar, you may use scissors and a shot glass, a penny, a kitchen knife, or even your own hands. It does not matter which method you choose, your aim is to receive a consistency that is not too chunky or powdery. Try to find the golden mean.

3. Time to make a crutch

A crutch is another name for a filter for joint or a tip. Before thinking about how to make a joint filter, you should know what it is for. Filters add stability to joints and prevent the burning of your fingertips or accident swallowing of the shake that may fall out. Some rolling papers include the material to make a filter with, though it does not mean that you cannot do the filter on your own. You may find a lot of filter tips for joints on the Internet, and whichever you choose will work.

4. Fill, pack, and roll

Put the shake in the middle of the paper and shape the joint with your fingers. Place the crutch at the end of the joint. Start rolling the joint but be gentle. Apply a little moisture to the sticky side and seal it. Light it up and enjoy!

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