How to Make BHO

How to Make BHO

Butane hash oil, or also known as BHO, honey toast, hash oil, wax, shatter, whip, erl, glass, honey, ‘tane and many other names, is one of marijuana products with the popularity that increases every day. There are so many reasons BHO attracts more and more attention. BHO may sound a bit scary to you, but in fact, it is an extremely enjoyable product when it is made correctly. Many marijuana enthusiasts prefer making it by themselves, but for that you should know the answer to the question “what is BHO?”. In this article, you will find information on the BHO’s origin and how to make it in a safe way.

What is BHO?

BHO is called so because of the process that is required for its production. Cannabis trimmings are placed into a container. The butane is pushed through till butane is the only thing that escapes, and the contents of the plant stay. This process removes all cannabinoids from marijuana. You get a liquid mixture of butane and marijuana that afterwards is evaporated to clean it from the harmful substances. Usually, the mixture resembles wax and honey.

How to make BHO?

First of all, before making the BHO oil, you should decide which kind of marijuana you will use. Let us see what you need:

– one 10-oz can butane

– one 1-oz marijuana

– one extraction tube

– two Pyrex dishes (a small one and a large one)

– razor blade scraper

– one concentrate container

Step-by-step instruction

1. Marijuana extraction. Put marijuana into the extraction tube. Fasten the screen (you may also use a coffee filter) to the tube’s bottom. Hold the tube over the Pyrex dish. Pour butane into the tube and let it drip into the Pyrex dish. When the liquid becomes gold in color, then it is time for the next step.

2. Evaporation. Now you need to remove the butane, which can be really harmful. Place the small Pyrex dish into the larger one full of hot water. This way the butane will start to evaporate. It may take 15-20 minutes.

3. Purge the substance. Use the purging system to remove the hash oil completely. An electric heating pad also works perfectly.

4. Storing. Using a razor blade scraper, you will get all of the oil out of the dish. A concentrate container is the best thing to store BHO as it remains dark and cool.

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