How to Hide Traces of Marijuana: Passing a Urine Drug Test

How to Hide Traces of Marijuana: Passing a Urine Drug Test

Many Americans are obliged to pass a wide series of medical tests when they are going through the procedure of getting employed. Passing a drug test for cannabis is an inevitable reality for those who want to prove themselves to be responsible, trustworthy, and reliable workers. Even after the legalization of recreational weed, the employing ritual remains the same: most respectable and wealthy companies want to make sure their employees are not junkies—and pot is still number one on the list of any drug testing.

Our body is a very smart system with an effective automatic detoxication mechanism. Any kind of harmful substances will naturally leave your body if you do not impede the detoxification process. If you find yourself in a situation when you need to pass a urine drug test, it is better to stay away from pot for thirty days and include a healthy diet and physical exercises into your lifestyle.

If we are talking about a serious intoxication caused by continuous overdosing on weed, then the situation is different, and all the promised detoxification time boundaries can blur. In this case, pot stays in your blood and, consequently, urine up to seventeen weeks depending on your metabolic rate, toxin levels, and the percentage of fat tissues. Cannabis leaves its traces in your hair and nails for twelve months. It explains why the pot drug tests based on analyzing them are gaining their popularity—they can tell the truth about your drug consumption even if you did it a long time ago. These kinds of tests are usually applied to managing positions, so if you are not planning to move that high in your career, you do not have to worry about them.

So, what are the available options you can use to hide your consumption before the marijuana urine test if you do not want to get caught? If you are young, fit, and strong and do not have any health problems, let the body cleanse itself naturally—abstain from smoking for seven weeks, adding some exercises and healthy food to your everyday routine. That would be enough for you.

If you are not sure of your health condition, try using any natural detoxification product accompanied by drinking lots of water. It is better to consult your doctor beforehand so that you do not risk getting unwanted complications.

Again, the main point is to abstain from consuming cannabis for at least a fortnight before passing the medical test. Your body will cleanse itself completely if you do not interrupt the process.

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