How to Grow Weed Following Marijuana Law of Alaska

How to Grow Weed Following Marijuana Law of Alaska

Alaska was always perceived as a state a bit different comparing to other states of America. Maybe, the reason it that it is situated miles away from the rest of the country. The residents of the state have always valued the right to grow their own weed. Well, sort of. In 1975, growing marijuana was officially permitted for everybody, and that is despite the fact that in the rest of America, there was a fight for making marijuana disappear. The residents of the state had the right to grow up to 25 plants in their own residencies and possess 4 ounces of weed. The most interesting thing about it all is that the only people who had these rights were those with a private residence. For the rest of people, it was a misdemeanor to have an ounce of marijuana, unless you have a medical marijuana card.

Change of marijuana laws in Alaska

In November 2014, Alaska weed laws faced a string of substantial changes. The residents of Alaska voted for marijuana legalization. This change removed the right to privacy in the state and made marijuana something that no longer needed be hidden. It was decided that by March 2016, Alaskans would receive the right to consume weed in public and purchase it from licensed marijuana retailers. However, the restriction concerning the ability to grow not more than 25 plants was changed and not for the best. Starting from March 2015, the residents have been limited to six marijuana plants. In any case, it is still plenty of cannabis to enjoy, especially if you know the tricks for getting the gigantic yields. Nevertheless, marijuana legalization in Alaska is likely to introduce even more regulations on the weed growers in the state.

Growing weed in Alaska

Alaska was and still is the best place to grow marijuana, though it is not friendly enough to smoking. There is no grower who wants to grow less than the best weed, right? Whether you have a special medical card allowing you to consume weed, or you are waiting for weed legalization, you should surely start with high-quality seed and a good Grow Bible.

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