How to Grind Weed Without an Electric Weed Grinder?

How to Grind Weed Without an Electric Weed Grinder?

You know that the desire to smoke weed may come from anywhere and anytime. And you will not always have an electric grinder of weed on hand. Learn how to make smoking possible with the help of any of these four extremely simple methods to grind weed apart from your own hands.

Method 1. Scissors and a shot glass

With these two household items, you can be 100 percent sure that your weed will be perfectly ground. All you need to do is to put a couple of marijuana buds into a shot glass and start cutting them with a pair of scissors. The result: a perfect weed powder in less than a minute and no mess. Here is a small tip for you: if you want to get a better result, use hairdressing scissors as they are sharper than the usual ones. Barber’s scissors are really perfect for this process, but be careful and do not cut your fingers off.

Method 2. Coffee grinder

Usually, coffee grinders are used to grind a big amount of weed as this way it takes a minimum of time. However, this way is quite indiscreet. The powder produced by the coffee grinder is an excellent ingredient for baking. Dust-like marijuana will make cooking pleasant and promising. Do not forget to clean the coffee grinder before and after usage. By the way, this method allows to utilize all marijuana strains.

Method 3. Knife

In really extreme situations, a knife becomes your loyal helper even when it is about marijuana milling. We recommend you to use non-serrated knives to avoid difficulties while chopping the weed. Make sure your knife is sharp enough to work efficiently. Prepare a clean chopping board not to mix cannabis with a bunch of parsley or arugula. Everything in the kitchen should be clean.

Method 4. Pill bottle and a coin

It sounds quite eccentric, though this method works great. Take any empty pill bottle, put one bud right in it and cover it with a clean coin. Now shake the bottle! Yes, it will take much more time comparing to the coffee grinder method, but it will cost you a penny, not more.

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