How to Get THC out of Your System

How to Get THC out of Your System

No matter what reason made you want to know how to clean your body from THC, you can find an answer here. Relax and do not think that we are going to make you purchase one of those miracle THC detox drinks, as we are not. Out task is to answer such questions as “How long can marijuana be detected in urine?” and “How long to get THC out of system?”. Today is 2016, not the beginning of the 20th century. Nowadays, marijuana is legalized in many states of America and is becoming legal in more places every year. A drug test is looking for THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, the active component in marijuana that actually makes you feel high.

How long weed stays in our system

Marijuana metabolites are stored in the fat cells of the human body. Such location makes it possible to detect weed even a long time after its use. More than that, it is a basis that makes the process of cannabis detoxing so complicated and long-lasting comparing to getting clean from other drugs like cocaine and LSD. Tetrahydrocannabinol has a half-life of up to two weeks in the human body. What is “half-life”? It means that the intensity of weed in the human body will get weaker and weaker, but it will not disappear completely. A drug test is considered to be positive if the marijuana density is more than 50mg/mL. There is also a diversity of stored toxins between a frequent marijuana smoker and someone who just smoked one joint. One study has shown the traces of THC metabolites in urine a month after the last marijuana use. It means that THC can be detectable for a period from a couple of days to months. Generally, it is difficult to say how long THC can be traced in the system as it depends on various things, like the potency of the strain you smoked, the fat percentage of your body, the amount of smoked weed, the time marijuana was last used, and others.

How marijuana detoxing works

Marijuana detox means flushing THC out of the human system using one of the existing methods. Whichever way of detox you choose, be careful not to clean your body so diligently that it seems suspicious.

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