How to Get Medical Marijuana at Weed Dispensaries: Your Guide to Receiving Cannabis Card

How to Get Medical Marijuana at Weed Dispensaries: Your Guide to Receiving Cannabis Card

Everyone knows about the medical benefits of marijuana, that is why so many people have a strong desire to get it. Different conditions, from cramps to chronic pain, can be treated with medical marijuana. However, unfortunately, doctors do not hand it out like regular medicine. Of course, you can just go to any weed dispensary and legally buy recreational marijuana. But do you know the difference between these two ways? When you use medical marijuana, you get stronger doses for a lower price, but only if you have a medical card. The owner of such card gets privileges, like having access to all marijuana products and being offered the VIP treatments. Are you already interested in how to get this magical medical card? We cannot promise you that it will be an easy and fascinating process. But if you know what you want, it should not scare you. So, here are three essential things you need for getting a permission card in Colorado.

1. Prove your residence

As you know, marijuana is still not legalized everywhere, that is why you have to prove that you are indeed the resident of the state where marijuana is legalized as a treatment. In Colorado, you may use your driver’s license to do that. Besides, keep your social security number with you.

2. Conditions for getting the card

There is a list of numerous medical conditions for treating which medical marijuana can be used. However, Colorado does not recognize all of them and concedes only to a small number of conditions that can be treated with marijuana: cancer, AIDS or HIV, glaucoma, severe nausea and pain, strong muscle spasms, seizures, and cachexia. Unfortunately, this list has not been changed since its acceptance in 2001.

3. Visit of doctor

This part is the most important, as to get the approval for the permission card, you are obliged to be examined by a professional physician. A random doctor does not fit. You should go to the doctor that has observed you before. Physician certification is your green light for getting the card.

For more information, you may visit the website to be sure you will not break the law.

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