How to Get a Medical Cannabis Card

How to Get a Medical Cannabis Card

Would you want to wait for a long time before the doctor decides to see you? Definitely not. With NuggMD, patients have the opportunity to contact a doctor via Internet just in a couple of minutes with minimum efforts! After you pass a short evaluation and get approved, you can instantly receive a medical cannabis card and a suggestion of a convenient pot dispensary location. And you can do all this without leaving your home!

Nothing easier than getting weed

NuggMD has made a breakthrough in the process of medical marijuana evaluation in California. Long gone are the days when you had to wait for more than half an hour just to be taken to a small, dark room to wait for another twenty minutes until a physician finally comes to see you. Today, patients can get acquainted with a professional licensed doctor just in a few clicks. NuggMD is available on many devices: laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. If you are visiting the NuggMD site for the first time, you need to fill out a profile that contains basic information about you—your name, birth date, address, and e-mail to make sure that everything stays confidential. That is the first of three steps of filling out the profile. In the second step, you are asked to indicate which medical condition you are treating. After making the payment in step three, the patient has a video-chat with a medical practitioner for five minutes. If the patient has been approved for a medical marijuana card, they have to pay $30 for the evaluation and $10 for the signed weed recommendation card that allows free marijuana use in all dispensaries of California. NuggMD delivers the medical card on the day of the patient approval so that the waiting time is minimal. Besides, you immediately get a digital version of the card on your e-mail. The information about all patients of NuggMD is stored in the HIPPA database that ensures safeness, privacy, and security of the process. This is your chance to save time and energy! Get your medical marijuana card in the easiest way possible—with the help of NuggMD.

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