How to find a quality budget glass?

How to find a quality budget glass?

Lots of people who use marijuana devices don’t have money to buy an expensive glass water pipe, but that’s not a reason to use a poor quality glass. Good products are available at good online headshops that take into account needs of people in good and inexpensive products.

Anyway, pay attention, because there is a big difference between high quality budget glass and a cheap one. There are many criteria that play an important role when you are looking for a good product.

To provide best feelings from smoking cannabis it’s better to exclude from the selection wooden, acrylic, ceramic, and plastic pipes. In the past they were the cheapest but over the last few years everybody understand that there is no better pipe than pipe made of glass. Choose glass pipe made of thick glass which is made from sturdy borosilicate glass and much more reliable and lasting than thin glass which is very fragile and cannot withstand high temperatures.

Thickness of the glass probably is the most important thing you should consider when you choose a pipe. Glass with thickness about 5 mm exactly what you are looking for, it’s sturdier, withstands high temperatures and strong enough to withstand the fall. Although thin glass is cheaper than a thick one, think that you are making a long term purchase that will pay off in any case.

If you just look at the glass carefully, you will see the joints on the pipe and if they are smooth and barely noticeable, that’s exactly what you need. Be sure that the joints flow right to the percolator or chamber it’s the attribute of a good quality pipe. If you want to buy a budget glass it doesn’t mean that it should be produced with inaccuracies and negligence.

A good quality percolator have holes and open slots, so when you are smoking cannabis, the smoke or steam cleaning and spreading properly in contrast to cheap glass with closed slits or with holes arranged randomly. Such pipe will not provide smoking of cannabis with full range of taste and even will harm, since the function of purification, smoke cooling and steam saturation won’t work properly. That’s one more factor why it’s quite difficult to find a quality glass.

When choosing a glass pipe or related accessories, better to examine product carefully, it should be perfectly smooth without smallest cracks and dents. Retailers are often trying to sell products which are already damaged and soon will break or lose their usefulness. Usually after such bad experience, people becoming increasingly cautious and choose a product both in quality and in money with thoroughness.

The final factor of a good glass is to choose brands with long-standing reputation such companies as Grav Labs, American Made Glass (AMG) will provide a good products for a good price.

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