How to Cut and Dry Weed Plants?

How to Cut and Dry Weed Plants?

Grab your sharpest scissors, a bottle of beer and get ready for cutting your cannabis! Keep reading and we will show you the most efficient way to maximize your yield. But before we start diving in, here are some essential tips for you: always keep your dry room ready and never use old scissors!

How to check that plant is ready to be cut?

First of all, find the biggest colas at the end of the main branch. Then, check if there are any buds you can cut already. Don’t you know how to do it? Do not panic; there are two simple things you can do in order to check if your plant is ready for cutting:

1. Check the bud tightness. If you feel that the bud is full and rather tight with a minimal amount of “squish”, then it is the ideal time for cutting the plant.

2. The color of the bud hairs is also an indicator of the plant’s  maturity. When there are no white hairs left, and all you can see are dark and red hairs, the bud has received the maximum of potency and is now ready for cutting.

Act confidently and free the plant from the big “boys”. First, locate the place where the footstalk of your weed plant separates and breaks off to the secondary branches. Then, decide which branches you want to leave and cut the larger nug from them and the rest of the branches. Keep those smaller buds on the branch for a week or two. With the larger buds being cut off, the plant will be more attentive to the smaller ones. So, your cannabis plant will grow bigger and will give you more yield.

How to dry it right?It is very important to make sure that you are drying cannabis in a right way. First of all, make sure you hang marijuana upside down. Why do you need to hang your plant upside down? It is very simple: the plant will dry out more evenly and the remained nutrients will move directly to your buds. Gravity does its job! It pulls the moisture from the top of the plant right to the buds, making the drying period very pleasant for the plants. Do not try to dry your weed faster because it can make the plant dried out too much. But the longer drying period increases the risk of mold, so you should be very attentive here. The key to success in weed drying is the right airflow. You can put a simple space heater in your dry room in order to get the moisture away from it.  Take into account that some buds can become dried out earlier than others, so feel comfortable to grab and check your product.

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