How to Cover Up Your Cannabis Avocation

How to Cover Up Your Cannabis Avocation

What smells so good?

The smell of weed is very florid and unforgettable. A smoker who smells a whiff of marijuana on a street will enjoy it and remember a special feeling of smoking that can not be described. The same substances that contain such cannabinoids as CBD and THC, also have terpene oils that give cannabis its distinctive smell and taste. There are over 100 kinds of terpenes in different cannabis strains and each one of them has its unique smell; the most famous types include:

– myrcene (with its musky and earthy scent);
– limonen (that smells like citruses);
– alpha-pinene (has the smell of pine);
– caryophyllene (combines a spicy smell of pepper and sweet cloves’ aroma);
– linalool (gives cannabis a complex smell of something sweet, floral and citrus at the same time).

Of course, there are many varieties of terpenes, but the above mentioned are the most frequently used.

But there are times when you need to hide the smell and the fact that you have smoked. The question of how to hide cannabis odor is very popular. We decided to give small tips on neutralizing the smell before, during and after the consumption.



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