How to Clone Cannabis

How to Clone Cannabis

Have you ever heard about cloning cannabis plants? Yes, it really sounds like mad science, but it is reality. More than that, the process of plant cloning has lots of benefits comparing to growing weed from usual seeds. Besides, cloning cannabis plants is much easier than growing them in the traditional way.

What is marijuana cloning?

When you ask yourself how to clone weed, you should know that there are actually two methods of cannabis breeding to choose from. The first one supposes sexual reproduction, when male and female plants are crossed together through pollination. It creates new, absolutely unique seeds, which then are planted and harvested in the form of hybrids. The second method is called cloning, or more scientifically “asexual reproduction.” When talking about clones, we mean the rooted cuttings of the plants that are genetically identical to the plant they were taken from. This method has gained such a wide popularity among weed growers due to a number of benefits. If cloning is executed correctly, your garden will receive a new level of stability and sustainability. With this method, you can be sure you will harvest the exact same plants that you have planted before. As the genetics coincide, you receive the cannabis plants with the same features and characteristics. Cloning does not only save your time and money but also makes sure that you get the exact genetic crop you want. Looking for self-sufficiency? Then cloning is the best choice for you.

What do you need to start cloning?

The process of cloning is extremely easy and requires just a few essential items you will surely find at home:

– a razor (scissors will not work as you need sharp blades to cut the branches)

– water

– rooting medium

– rooting hormone

When you face the dilemma of which mothers to clone, the healthy and sturdy plants should prevail. More than that, they should be at the vegetative stage when you start cloning them. If you have no time to wait or just do not want to, give the cannabis plant at least three weeks before you take the first cutting—this way, your new cuttings will have a chance of rooting. That is the key moment of cloning, so be sure you take it seriously.

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