How to Clean Your Bowl

How to Clean Your Bowl

Were you looking for the best way to clean your favorite weed bowl? Stop searching. In this article, you will find the answer to the most frequently asked question among marijuana smokers: “How to clean a bowl pipe?”. It goes without saying that there is nothing better than smoking out of a weed bowl for the first time as the taste of your strain is really pure. But nothing lasts forever, right? Over time, the bowl becomes clogged and dirty because of the resin. However, you can bring the new look back to your bowl by cleaning it with your household items. In fact, you will notice that your bowl feels as good as it used to in the very beginning. You have probably heard a lot of recommendations on how to clean a smoking bowl, like boiling the glassware, but this method is not always effective. More than that, it requires a lot of efforts and patience. You can also avoid the smell of weed and resin in your room with some tricks that you can make from a few household products.


1. Gather all the needed materials

If you want to clean the bowl properly, you need three essential materials: a sealable plastic bag, isopropyl alcohol, and sea salt. Take note: the higher the concentration of isopropyl, the more efficient the cleaning.

2. Place the bowl into a bag

Once you have gathered the necessary materials, you have to put the bowl into a plastic bag and place it on the counter. Now pour the 70% isopropyl alcohol into the bag until the bowl is completely covered. Then, add one tablespoon of sea salt. To let it work as an abrasive, leave it for two hours or more.

3. Shake it, baby

Why do we place the bowl in alcohol? Because it makes the resin in our pipe weaker so that we can remove it. Do not stir the bowl in the solution. Just take the bag and shake it for six minutes. Do it properly to avoid resin remains. While you are shaking, the resin is easily removed from the pipe and stays in the bag.

4. Check the results

Once you have finished shaking, take a look at your bowl to check whether your job is done properly. If you have noticed any resin clogged in some parts of the pipe, do not become upset, you can just repeat the process. Do not hesitate as the cleaner your pipe is, the purer your smoking experience will be.

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