How to Choose the Best Marijuana Grinder?

How to Choose the Best Marijuana Grinder?

When you start looking for a marijuana grinder, you come across a lot of different features that can confuse you, so it is extremely difficult to make a choice. Over the last ten years, only a few companies, such as Pace Case and Sharpstone, have successfully launched their marijuana grinders. So, what are the main features to pay attention to while choosing a high-quality grinder?

The material the grinder is made of should be Aircraft Grade Aluminum

It is very important for the construction of the grinder to be made of aluminum. First of all, such grinder will work much longer and is safer in use. If for instance, God forbid, you buy a plastic grinder and start to use it, you will 100% end up with smoking the plastic, which is extremely harmful as it is a carcinogenic substance. Due to this fact, the producers of plastic grinders constantly receive calls from different parties to stop the production and sale of such type of grinders.

Teeth shaped like a diamond

The grinders that are equipped with sharp diamond-shaped teeth, as a rule, cut weed very thoroughly, not ripping and tearing it like many other weed grinders do. You know that the smoother the grind is, the more uniform the consistency of marijuana will be, and more delightful the smoking experience you will get.

Kief Catcher

Make sure that the marijuana grinder you choose if equipped with a kief catcher. The grinders of high quality usually have four chambers. The bottom one is called a kief catcher, the place where the marijuana powder, kief, is gathered. This substance has a significantly higher level of THC, so you can add it to your weed to give it an extra kick.

Storage Container

One of the advantages of a weed grinder is the ability to use it as a storage container. So, you can easily save your money on buying a separate container to store weed. Modern grinders come with an airtight magnetic lid that is very convenient—your weed is not scattered all around and does not stink up the place.


Only one piece of advice here—look for weed grinders with a lifetime warranty.

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