How to Choose Best Soil For Cannabis

How to Choose Best Soil For Cannabis

Organic produce becomes more popular every day, as no one wants to be harmed by the plants they consume. If we worry about our plants and environment, then we should also care about our herb. Smoking a plant with harmful chemicals is worse than ingesting them. And what is the source of all these harmful substances? Right, the soil.

Why are most indoor plants not organic?

When growing weed indoors, the soil is usually replaced after every grow to make the cycle time shorter and increase the number of grows per year. The environment in the growing room lacks the natural food web, as bugs are killed, molds and fungi are carefully cleaned. There are no micro-organisms in the soil, so how can the plant be organic? It cannot.

Is it dangerous?

If you want to learn how harmful the chemicals used to exterminate small lifeforms are to a larger lifeform like you, read about Bifenthrin. It is a widely available chemical used to control spider mites. The point is that this chemical lingers on the lights, tools you used, and in the ventilation system. It harms not only the plants but the humans as well, polluting the area of the grow room that could be part of a family household.

How to make soil organic?

When deciding to grow marijuana indoors, do not let the fear of failure stop you. There is nothing easier than to make your soil organic and fertile. Organic soil needs organic content—compost. In the compost-rich soil, the plant feels more comfortable and grows bigger with more potent buds. Here are things that can be used for an excellent compost base:

– materials full of carbon: dead leaves, plant trimmings
– materials full of nitrogen: coffee grounds, peels from fruit and vegetables
– coco fiber
– guano
– rock phosphate

You can make compost all year round, storing it in piles in the yard, or in bins. The process takes from 2 to 5 months, depending on the materials you use. Besides, there are special bins that can speed up the composting. Feel free to use your back yard—this way, no one will ask questions.

Now you have tips that really work, so stop wasting time and start growing potent, beneficial, pure, and safe buds!

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