How Much Weed in a Joint?

How Much Weed in a Joint?

Not every stoner knows how many joints in a gram of marijuana they can get and how much weed an average joint contains. Previously, the amounts of weed needed for a joint differed greatly. However, there is a new study that has finally answered the question. Keep reading, and you will also find out how many joints in an ounce of marijuana there are.

Size of joint

You will never find two joints of the same size. Some marijuana enthusiasts like to roll massive and fat joints, while others are fond of small ones. Taking into account that medical marijuana patients and cannabis connoisseurs have different purposes and preferences, the “right” amount of cannabis for a joint has always been an issue for arguing. The Drug and Alcohol Dependence journal has recently published a revealing study, the aim of which was to finally put the old question to rest. Are you ready for the truth? The exact amount of cannabis needed for an average joint is equal to 0.32 grams, meaning that you can make approximately 87 joints from an ounce of marijuana and nearly three joints from a gram.

Importance of the study

It is safe to say that many businesses will benefit from this study. More than that, with the information about the amount of weed in a joint, policymakers can be more objective when creating the new laws. Dispensaries are now able to use the established average as a benchmark that significantly simplifies the measuring of proper weed amounts and ensures that doses for recreational and medical marijuana users differ. In the study, the researchers surveyed nearly 10,000 marijuana users who had been arrested between 2000 and 2010. The new federal program, ADAM, helped the researchers trace the amounts of cannabis the users purchased that led to the charges. Taking this information as the basis for their research, the scientists did not have to spend a lot of time for establishing the new 0.32 grams average number. All they needed to do was to calculate the average of the available data. The proposed weight is accurate by +/- 0.03 grams. This margin of error is caused by the fact that not all interviewees provided correct information about the amount of weed they had purchased.

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