How Much Time Does Our Body Need to Get Rid of Weed?

How Much Time Does Our Body Need to Get Rid of Weed?

That is a tricky question that intrigues lots of marijuana smokers. The answer to this question is not simple, as THC, the element in marijuana that has the psychoactive effect on the human body, is fat-soluble, not water-soluble. If everything were vice versa, the marijuana would be completely gone from our bodies within days.

Cannabinoids in our bodies

As we have already mentioned, THC is fat-soluble and is stored in fat. Therefore, its release takes a lot of time. The questions that most frequently trouble the minds of weed consumers are “is it possible to detect marijuana in hair follicle test?” and “how long does marijuana stay in your hair?”. To tell you the truth, marijuana can remain in your hair and body for a certain period of time that depends on many factors, like the amount of consumed weed, the amount of body fat you have, and the presence of diet in your everyday life. To measure the amount of THC in the body, a special drug screening takes place. It measures the carboxy-THC—the remains of the marijuana metabolite. The process of body’s carboxy-THC excretion is also influenced by a range of factors, which include individual rate of metabolism, body fat percentage, and the level of stress. By the way, many people think that the level of THC in the body decreases day by day, but in fact, it does not. To the contrary, the peak of the THC level in the body may spike on any day irrespective of the usage time. Generally, the amount of cannabinoids above 50 ng/mL in urine is considered positive, while below 50 ng/mL is a negative result. So, as we can see, it is impossible to answer the question “how long can marijuana be detected in hair or body?” with specific numbers. According to Dr. Alan Shackelford, there is no one reliable way of predicting the period of THC metabolism in the human body, as opposed to alcohol. He assumes that the time during which you may find weed in your body is up to a hundred days.

Here is a short answer to all marijuana consumers: you need to be careful for more than three months, because that is when the evidence of cannabis use may start to disappear from your body.

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