How Much Does Gram of Legal Weed Cost

How Much Does Gram of Legal Weed Cost

If you still have never been to a legal marijuana market, then it is time to dive into it. Being a tourist in Colorado, Oregon, Washington, or any another state with legalized marijuana, it is important to know what strain to buy, how much to get, and where to buy it. You may run around looking for the cheapest marijuana, but we assure you that you can usually get a good deal in any place. All you need is just to have an idea of where to go to get some of this magic plant.


To make you familiar with the marijuana market, we will tell you about the average prices for marijuana products. If you want to buy marijuana, whether it is in the form of dried flowers or buds (but not wax or oils), get ready to pay around $10—that is how much 1 gram of weed costs. That is a rather rough average, but still. You can find locations where a gram of weed costs $5, but it is not common. In some places, the price can rise up to $40 per gram. So, as you can see, the difference between prices is very significant, and buying is very risky for a beginner as you do not know what you are paying for. The best advice for the beginners is to use special apps and websites that will help you find out what you are looking for and show you the best place to purchase weed. It can be either Wikileaf or such reliable resource as Leafly. There are so many resources that you will easily find your favorite one. Any purchase means some caveats that should be taken into account during shopping. Here are the biggest factors that influence the cost of marijuana for a customer.

1. Taxes

Each state has different taxes that affect the price. In Washington, the retail tax is 37%, in Oregon—17%. In Colorado, the situation is rather complicated as there you will find a 2,95% retail and medical cannabis sales tax and a 10% tax for special sales of marijuana. In total, it is 12,95%, but the tax can vary from city to city.

2. Quality

The better the strain is, the more THC and CBD it contains, the greater effects it provides—the more you will have to take out from your wallet to get it.

3. Location

Here everything depends on demand, supply, and the number of competitors in a specific location.

Now you can use all your knowledge in practice when you are trying to purchase legal weed.

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