How much do you actually know about Terence McKenna?

How much do you actually know about Terence McKenna?

What do you imagine when you think about Terence McKenna and marijuana? If you are as weird as I am, I bet your brain pictures the craziest psychedelic dude ever.

Terence painted works of art with words, showing you places you never knew existed. But before that, he was a little shy and nervous boy who hardly coped with different social situations in his life. This all changed during the Easter Holidays in 1965, when McKenna tried marijuana for the first time in his life. In the Cannabis Trialogue, McKenna shares his views concerning the use of marijuana, claiming that after he tried it once, he realized that he could become socially normal person; he could self-medicate himself with the help of cannabis.

Terence McKenna believed that smoking cannabis in small amounts can change the structure of his personality and make him a full-fledged member of society. In his book “Food of the Gods”, he suggested “Stoned ape” theory that already becomes famous — a theory of human evolution.

The use of marijuana as a treatment, seems became necessary for McKenna throughout his life. He was sure that when he didn’t smoke cannabis, he was constantly worried about the smallest issues that concern most of us, like the state of his checkbook or problems at work. But when he smoked cannabis he traveled around the world, which consisted of all the people he had ever known, of all the books that he had ever read and all the places where he had ever been. One or two joints a day made all Terence’s worries go away.

Although he considered himself as an inveterate marijuana user and practiced it every day, he felt that there was another way that could give more benefits. He thought the best way to smoke marijuana once a week, alone and in a complete darkness with the most powerful stuff that he could get. Actually cannabis gave Terence McKenna much more than just self-treatment, more than opportunity to relax and escape from reality. Cannabis has significantly strengthened his work ethic.

When he was writing his books, he could write only for three hours a day and then he had to stop. But if he smoked marijuana, than after fifteen minutes he could continue to work with a renewed energy. Thus, by controlling his cannabis consumption, he was given a second and a third wind for creativity. McKenna was sure that smoking marijuana being in stupor, won’t bring nothing but stupor, but if you smoke to ignore all the burdens of a hard day and have some interesting ideas, it will give you a huge burst of energy to go back to your work.

Many people think that without those Easter Holidays in 1965 we would not have the great works of Terence McKenna now. What do you think?

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