How Many States Have Legalized Weed?

How Many States Have Legalized Weed?

On June 5, Ohio’s Governor Kasich signed the law to legalize medical marijuana use for treating specific diseases. Although the law requires the state to provide medical marijuana for its residents within two years, Ohioans have no right to smoke it or cultivate it at home for any purpose, including the medical one. A patient with a specific medical condition is allowed to consume medical marijuana only in the form of edibles, or via vaping or patches. Generally, there are twenty absolutely different medical conditions the presence of which allows consuming medical marijuana.

It seems like Ohio has followed Pennsylvania’s example, which made medical marijuana legal in April. This year, the government of Vermont is also heading towards the aim to legalize marijuana, but from the point of recreational use. Additionally, the state legislature is going to regulate and tax it. The bill has already been approved by the Senate and the House committee; Vermont’s Governor Shumlin also supports the idea. If the process goes well, Vermont will be the first state of America that legalized the use of recreational marijuana through the legislative process. Until now, ballot initiatives have been the most successful way to legalize marijuana. As of today, Nevada is the only state of America that has placed the measure of recreational marijuana on the ballot. Florida’s constitutional amendment to legalize medical marijuana has got enough residents’ signatures to qualify for the ballot in autumn 2016.

What states are next to legalize recreational marijuana use in 2016?

There are two American states that are going to legalize recreational weed in November 2016. While the state of Ohio has completely rejected the idea to make it happen in 2015, there are two ballot initiatives that were proposed for November 2016 concerning the use of medical marijuana. California’s marijuana proponents are also trying to make their dream come true after the failure in 2010.

As you can see, the matter of marijuana regulation is not easy. Legalizing the use of weed opens a whole other set of issues that deal with cultivating, distributing, and selling weed. If you have ever looked for any information on weed growing or how to clone weed, you may have noticed that even legal weed states have different marijuana cultivation laws. Marijuana legalization is a complicated task that lies before the state governments, but we hope that they will accept the challenge and make weed available for everyone who needs it.

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