How Many People Die From Smoking Weed Every Year?

How Many People Die From Smoking Weed Every Year?

Doctors caution that every year, approximately 30,000 marijuana enthusiasts could die. Medical experts state that it is the fault of the Home Secretary for creating confusion about the risks of drug use—young generation is wrong thinking that drugs are not harmful at all. They also claim that David Blunkett’s decision to classify marijuana as the class C drug—the class of anabolic steroids and painkillers—was a huge mistake as people started to reject the existence of the devastating health effects of weed.

Professor John Henry, a highly respected drug researcher, said that the use of marijuana is as dangerous as cigarette smoking (in fact, it can bring even more harm), and the lowering of its legal status completely confused people. There is a specific public message about nicotine addiction. That is why the number of cigarette smokers decreases every year, and the warnings on the packets become bigger and more terrifying. As to the battle against marijuana, there is no message. People seem to have something to say about smoking, dabbing,  and ingesting weed but have no opportunity. Recently, the British Medical Journal has published a study of Professor Henry and other professors from Imperial College, which defines cannabis as one of the major reasons of death in the UK. Researchers have calculated that as 120,000 deaths happen among 13 million smokers in the UK, then the corresponding amount among 3,2 million marijuana smokers would be 30,000 deaths.

The most widespread fatal diseases caused by weed smoking are cancer and lung disease. Besides, marijuana enthusiasts are six times more likely to have schizophrenia. The British Lung Foundation has found out that three joints cause the same harmful effects as 20 cigarettes. The reason for such unfair comparison is that today weed is 40 times stronger than it was fifty years ago. The level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the cannabis ingredient that is responsible for the high state, has increased by 5% over the last twenty years! Eight million British admit to smoking marijuana, which makes them amenable to sudden deaths.


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