How Many Grams Is An Eighth (1/8) Ounce of Weed?

How Many Grams Is An Eighth (1/8) Ounce of Weed?

We buy and sell marijuana by weight, and the standard units for modern cannabis belong to the metric scale. Not knowing the difference between a few grams and over an ounce of marijuana can play a tragic role in your life. Clearly, it would be a bad idea to buy marijuana without knowing how it is usually sold.

This article will help you to answer questions like how many grams in an eighth and use such measurements as weed eighths and eighth grams without even giving it a second thought. The traditional measurements that are widely used in marijuana community may seem somewhat esoteric to a newbie who might not even know what a dime of weed is. Luckily, this whole subject is quite simple once you get your facts straight.

That is the reason we dedicate this article to this portion of stoner slang, so you will never be swindled!

Marijuana jargon

When you go to get some marijuana, you expect to get the most for the money you have, right? But imagine that your friend starts using the words like lid, dime, dub, O, and many others. You will probably end up with a headache unless you have a strong desire to swamp your friend with tons of questions. Do not be confused or ashamed. Marijuana is just becoming legal, and there are so many people who buy weed for the first time. We are here to help you handle it! Here are the definitions of the most common names of weed portions:

– Dime—$10 worth of weed (approx. 1 gram of weed)
– Dub—$20 worth of weed (approx. 2 gram)
– Teenth—1.25 grams, or 1/16 an ounce (for 2 joints or 3 bowls)
– Eighth—1/8 an ounce or 3.5 grams
– Quarter—1/4 an ounce or 7 grams
– Half—1/2 an ounce or 14 grams
– “O” or ”Z”—1 ounce or 28 grams
– Lid—21 grams

Marijuana jargon

5.2 gram: more than an eighth of weed, less than 1 oz of weed

The breakdown

To make a standard joint, you will need half a gram of weed. One gram is enough for a blunt. Nowadays, it is rather difficult to find dealers who sell weed in small quantities, in mere weed grams. The most common unit of sale is an ounce. Besides, in the majority of legal states, it is the possession limit and the line between a felony and misdemeanor in other states. The price depends on the status of weed in the state. In non-legalized states, the price of weed will be significantly higher because the risk to be caught is unbelievably high, and the sellers usually hold large quantities of weed and just wait for the customer.

How to Roll and Smoke a Blunt?

To make a joint, you will need half a gram of marijuana.


Concentrates are much more potent than raw bud, which means you need a smaller amount of it to get high. 28 grams of weed can be replaced with only 2 grams of weed concentrate. However, its price is higher and can reach $100 per gram. As for tinctures, the amount of doses that can replace an eighth of an ounce of weed are amazing—from 30 to 34! And a 100 drops bottle costs around $20.

Now you know what one-eighth ounce of weed or, simply, 1/8 of weed means and do not have to play the guessing game anymore.

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