How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your Hair

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your Hair

Have a drug test coming up? Then you have come to the right place. Here we will carefully describe all the ways to hide drugs in your follicles, or how to pass a weed test successfully and not have problems with your employer. Finding out whether you have consumed marijuana does not require much effort. Hair grows because of the supply of blood. And what does every smoker have in their blood? Right, cannabinoids, which will be completely obvious in a lab test and cause a lot of problems with your employer. How exactly does the test happen? Well, to test you for the traces of certain chemicals, the laboratory assistants will cut off a piece of your hair from the top of your head. Usually, they need at least 1.5 inches to conduct the test. Take into account that human hair grows rather slowly—2 inches every three months. Do you understand what we mean?

Unfortunately, marijuana that has been consumed during these 90 days will be detected during the test. In contrast, blood and urine test are unable to find drugs that were consumed more than a couple of days ago. Unfortunately, the employers prefer exactly the hair drug test, probably for its greater certainty. Be aware that this kind of drug test can even show the time of consuming marijuana or any another drug. For marijuana, it takes nearly seven days to get into your hair follicles. Now you see that it is more than complicated to pass the test without some tricks. Here you can get familiarized with some of them. It may happen so that one of them will become your only remedy for problems with drugs.

1. Shave off your hair

This is the surest way to pass the test, but only for men. One week before the test date, cut your hair off. This way, just in a week, you will have 2-3 cm of drug-free hair. Be careful as employers can predict this trick and fire you anyway if you use it.

2. THC detox shampoos

They are available in every market and can really help you become clean from drugs. For a better result, apply the detox shampoo to the hair and keep it there for 15 minutes.

3. Vinegar rinse

As vinegar has an acidic nature, it can be easily used for rinsing the drug traces out of your hair follicles. To make this method work, soak your hair in vinegar for 10 minutes. For a better result, leave it for 20 minutes more (go play your favorite PC game or watch a new episode of a TV show). Then thoroughly wash your hair, rinse it with dilutes salicylic acid, and keep it there for 30 minutes. Then apply a mixture of detergent and water to your scalp and hair and leave it for another 20-30 minutes. Rinse your hair off. Done!

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