How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Urine

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Urine

The determination of marijuana presence in urine depends on numerous factors. The most common marijuana testing is providing a urine sample to a lab for analysis. You know that it is the THC, a chemical compound of weed, that creates the “high” feeling. But how does it get in the urine? After the liver breaks down the THC, a metabolite known as THC-COOH is produced. It stays in the body much longer and is detected during the urinalyses. If you are worried how to pass marijuana test if you smoked a joint a week ago, take a look at the average numbers of days cannabis can stay in your urine in various scenarios:

– first-time use—from 5 to 8 days
– occasional use— 10-18 days
– regular (a couple of times per week during a month)—30-45 days
– everyday use—80-90 days

Urine is the most suitable for drug testing because it contains a higher weed concentration and has a longer period of drug detection than any other material that can be taken from the body. So, as you can see, the larger the amount of marijuana, the longer the time of possible detection.

How to get rid of marijuana in your body fast?

The market is full of products that promise to clean your urine, but in fact, there is no method to get cannabis from your system immediately. Flushing the body with a huge amount of fluids will just dilute the urine but will not remove the THC- COOH. It can, but it will take so much time that it is simply not worth it. In the near future, marijuana tests are planned to be completely improved due to the increase of its accessibility and for avoiding the positive results for regular weed users. The biggest myths about passing the test are that drinking water alone can remove THC from tissue and that consuming certain foods and vitamins guarantees a negative test. Forget about it! The only absolute way to get a negative drug test result is to abstain. You will probably wonder why you should go through all this trouble. The reason is that nowadays the majority of employers require a marijuana test before hiring you. Besides, some companies even randomly test their employees right in the middle of a working day. Getting a positive result can signalize the end of your brilliant career.  Abstaining is the only foolproof method to pass the drug test successfully.

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