How is nationwide cannabis legalization is going

How is nationwide cannabis legalization is going

After analyzing medical marijuana business opportunities, reaped benefits of recreational cannabis legalization and decriminalization of cannabis pros and cons, more and more activists nationwide are advocating for recreational marijuana use. The most exciting news is California’s intent to legalize weed throughout the state in 2016. Hawaii also has attracted public attention by licensing medical dispensaries to be able to sell pot legally to patients in 2016, while Florida has come out of shade and is moving now towards decriminalization. With presidential elections, 2016 year seems to be even more promising for recognizing cannabis.

California’s the attorney general’s office will receive an initiative from ReformCA organization within the next few weeks. The supporters of weed legalization think that this organization is likely to decriminalize pot in their state. To make it real, ReformCA first has to be included in the ballot, and for that it has to be supported with 365,000 signatures.

Hawaiian 13,000 patients are awaiting for the chance to buy weed safely and legally. Medical marijuana dispensary bill was signed by governor David Ige on July 11 to pas into the law. The new law, that legalizes providing certified medical-cannabis patients with cannabis in eight medical dispensaries, comes into force in November 2016.

Colorado has crossed PTSD out of the eligible conditions list. Despite the recommendations of Colorado’s leading doctors and legal access to ganja, the Board of Health referred to insufficient medical evidence and refused to include PTSD into the medical marijuana program.

Mainers are doing their best to collect required 61,123 signatures for the Campaign to regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol and get the initiative into the ballot. With already thousands of signatures and $53,000 of donations, the campaign is doing pretty well and getting more steam. The campaign’s manager highlighted, that if they don’t slow down and keep up the same speed, they would be able to run their campaign after the elections.

Florida Keys are moving closer to decriminalization of cannabis. The ordinance made by Florida Keys legislators will allow issuing a $100 citation instead of arresting an offender caught with less than 20 grams of pot. Arrests will still be an option if the offender has a criminal record.

After a year Massachusetts is making another step towards marijuana legalization to protect qualified patients, caregivers and parents from discrimination and prosecution. House Bill 2065 equates medical marijuana to a medicine needed for treatment, thus a registered patient or a caregiver with not more than a “sixty-days-supply” (unless it is recommended more by a licensed physician) must not be prosecuted or treated as a criminal. Moreover he/she has to have a safe access to the remedy and be able to grow medical marijuana for maximum 10 patients. The hearing of the Bill was held on July 15 by Joint Committee on Public Health as the official site says. Search for more news.

All members of the North Caroline Senate have approved House Bill 766 altering CBD law in favor of the patients with intractable epilepsy, who shouldn’t worry how to get hemp oil (CBD oil) without participating a pilot study, yet, it should be approved by a registered neurologist. CBD and THC limits in cannabis extracts are also changed by the Bill: CBD from 10% to 5% by weight, THC from 5% to 9% by weight.

South Dakota’s Attorney General last week approved decriminalization of cannabis. The organization of activists “South Dakotans Against Prohibition” is sponsoring the initiated measure to clear the prohibition and now collecting required 13,871 signatures by November 2016. Upon approval of the measure in 2016, the citizens will be able to possess maximum 1 ounce of cannabis if they are older than 18.

Washington: the mayor of Seattle, Ed Murray, on May 26 introduced his plan to transfer the city’s medical marijuana into the state’s recreational system. The main goal is to pacify uncontrolled profit makers and illicit traders of the marijuana, including shops and dispensaries that sell marijuana to non-patients. Dispensaries that opened after 2013 have to be shutdown, while those opened before 2013 might operate until 2016, but will have to obtain a new license anyway.

Texas doesn’t want to loose its grip of leaf regulations and will not be the next state to legalize weed in 2015. The first doomed bill was House Bill 507, it was supposed to decriminalize possession of small amounts of pot. The second House Bill 2165 would have legalized recreational marijuana, but it even wasn’t submitted to the House for consideration. The Governor of the state, Greg Abbot, announced that marijuana will not be legalized in his state. Only the Senate Bill 339 was lucky to pass and get signed by the governor – which allows epilepsy patients to use CBD oil.

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