How Are Sativa and Indica Different?

How Are Sativa and Indica Different?

If we look at Indica and Sativa as scientists, we will be sure that there is no difference between them. But in practice, the strains have absolutely different growth-patterns, effects on the body, and qualities. Let us get a closer look at Indica and Saliva and try to understand how they are different.


Indicacomes from Central Asia, i.e., Afghanistan, Tibet, Nepal, Pakistan, the north of India, and so on. Sativa originates from the regions close to the Equator, like Thailand, Jamaica, Mexico, the south of India, etc.

The appearance of strains

Indicas are compact plants with developed root systems and heavy and fragrant buds. Cannabis plants have an amazing feature—they regularly create nodes, from which leaves, branches, and buds are formed. The buds have high density and short spaces between each other. In the same conditions, Sativas buds are larger, and the plant is taller. It is also worth mentioning that Sativa’s weight is lower than that of Indica when dry due to the long spaces between clusters of the latter.

Flowering period

The leader among the fast flowering types of cannabis is Indica, as it needs only from 45 to 60 days to start flowering. Unlike Indicas, Sativas usually need up to 90 days to blossom. This fact constitutes a major difference between Indica and Sativa.

Plant size

As soon as the blossoming begins, Indicas start to gain height. An expected height of Indica strains in normal conditions is plus 50-100% of the plant’s height before flowering. Unlike Indicas, Sativas are adapted to the short days of tropical regions, so the growth and the flowering happen simultaneously. Sativas can start gaining height during the blossoming phase, so it is normal for Sativas to be 200-300% higher than its vegetative height.


Indica’s effect is classified by the smokers as a “stone” due to its concentration on the body—it creates the feeling of relaxation and drowsiness. In contrast, Sativas cause a “high” state, which can mean a huge amount of energy, creativeness, willing to giggle and act.

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