How Accurate Are Home Drug Tests?

How Accurate Are Home Drug Tests?

You have probably heard about the First Check home drug test, right? We should say that it is a pretty good way of preventing marijuana use. Parents can perform a random home drug test in order to deter their child from using marijuana and provide them with an escape route from the pressure of peers to consume drugs. More than that, the First Check home drug test can be used to get answers and to understand how successfully your child says no to drugs.

Drug test kits for home check

First Check offers five types of tests for tracing drugs: for revealing marijuana, marijuana and cocaine, four drugs, seven drugs, and twelve drugs. Whichever test you choose, it will give you a result in five minutes. The cup technology is extremely easy to use. However, you may still wonder how accurate these tests are, so let us find out.

Home drug tests: level of accuracy

The accuracy of such tests depends on your answers to the following questions.

– How close is the amount of drug in the urine to the cut-off level?
– How much time has passed since the last drug consumption?
– How much drug has the person consumed?

However, you may be sure that First Check home drug tests provide a 99-percent accuracy in detecting the specific type of the drug.

First Check supports notMykid, an American nonprofit organization that seeks to educate the youth, families, and the whole society of America on preventing negative and harmful behavior of the young generation. First Check understands how much stress drug use can cause, and that is why they provide parents with resources that may help prevent those challenges.

Where can you buy a drug test for home use?

The first question that arises when someone faces the drug addiction of some member of the family is “Where can I buy a drug test for home use?”. Feel free to visit the website of the First Check Family to learn some additional information about home drug tests or to order a kit. You can also find home drug tests at a store near you, like Walmart, Target, Giant, and even Amazon. We hope you will find all the necessary information and take care of your child’s health and future.

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