How 4/20 Became Part of Cannabis Culture

How 4/20 Became Part of Cannabis Culture

Do you know anything about the history of 420 and what it actually means? There are numerous ideas on this topic, and we would like to share them with you.  According to the extensive research by 9NEWS, there are as many reasons why April 20 is the Weed Day as there are stoners on Earth.

Many people believe that the number 420 is used by the police as a code for “someone is smoking weed right now.” Actually, it is one of the wrong rumors. However, we have learned an interesting fact: police do have the 420 code, but it is used for homicide in some states. There is one more untruthful rumor that the holiday is named after the room number where the rock band the Grateful Dead always stays. False. Someone believes that the number of chemical marijuana compounds has defined the holiday’s name. Nope.

In fact, there are approximately only 315 of them. There is a suggestion that the holiday’s name originates from the number of members allowed to participate in the fun buzz rap parties—four hundred and twenty. That is also pure absurdity. But what is the truth?  420, 4:20, or 4/20 are the names of the Weed Day when all marijuana enthusiasts commemorate and praise the creators of the “420” name, a group of friends from San Rafael High School.

According to the history, five students had a meeting behind the statue of Louis Pasteur every day at 4:20 p.m. to smoke weed. In time, they started to use this number as a code—whenever they said “420” to each other, they meant different weed-related activities. But how could this small tradition spread all around the world? Rumor has it that one of the friends had a connection to a member of the Grateful Dead.

The band traveled a lot, successfully spreading the “420” name. The phrase “420” has become so popular that in 2014, the Department of Transportation in the state of Colorado had to get rid of the mile marker 420 sign so it did not get stolen as a souvenir by marijuana smokers. So, next time you meet people who have no idea what 420 is, remember San Rafael, late 1970’s, five friends, 4:20 p.m., the statue of Pasteur, and a cool band the Grateful Dead.

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