Homemade Weed Grinder

Homemade Weed Grinder

If you want to get the best from your marijuana, then you need to grind it properly. Breaking marijuana nugs into small parts lets you burn through a bigger surface of your weed. More than that, it allows you to get as much smoke from your favorite strain as possible. Ground weed gives a smoother and better burn comparing to unground buds. There is no doubt that nowadays you can find weed grinders anywhere and even for a relatively small price, though it may happen so that you are too tired to go to the shop or just do not have money for that. The desire to get high is so strong that you start thinking about how to make a weed grinder on your own. In this article, you will find the answer to your question! What is more, we have prepared for you four methods of making a grinder in just a few moments!

1. Scissors and a shot glass

This method is the easiest one, but not everyone has the necessary materials. If you do, just place your buds into a shot glass and then use small and extremely sharp scissors to cut them into small pieces. But be careful and do not get crazy—we do not need weed flying out of the glass right on the floor.

2. Electric blender

Here is another widespread home made grinder you can use instead of the specialized kind. Just find a small electric coffee grinder, drop your dry herb into it, and grind away until it is down to the desired consistency. The main thing here is not to turn your nug into powder.

3. Mesh cup holder

For this method, you need some office supplies: a metal mesh object, like a pencil holder or a business card holder. All you need to do is press your marijuana with the palm of your hand through the metal mesh. You can also place some weed on a cutting board and roll a pencil holder over it until it is ground.

4. Mesh screen and container for pills

This method works almost the same way as the previous one. Place the mesh screen over the opened container for pills and gently press it halfway into it. Take some weed and place it into the bottom of the screen. Now use a spoon to press the weed through the openings in the mesh. Done!

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