Homemade Bong for Every Day

Homemade Bong for Every Day

It might have happened that a stoner move made you break your only glass pipe. Or maybe you have been saving money for a trip to Colorado. Or maybe you have a bit of leftover shake, and you want to maximize the hit. If you do not possess any paraphernalia but have a great desire to get stoned, then stop worrying because potheads are the most creative people on Earth! Smoking marijuana from a bong is a really, really effective way of becoming satisfied. One huge puff, a minimum of efforts and materials, and you feel so good! Nowadays, you can find a lot of bongs of different shapes, sizes, and designs on the market. But is it not more exciting to make your own bong? If you share this opinion, then immerse yourself in the world of stoner ideas.

1. Apple bong

Have you seen the photo of Charlize Theron smoking weed right out of an ordinary apple? Thanks to that photo, we know that fruit can work perfectly for making a nice homemade bowl for weed. And have no doubts that you can make a fully-functional bong from a usual apple. For that, just get rid of the apple’s stem to make the bowl. Then use an empty ballpoint pen to make one hole in the top of the fruit and one in the side. These two holes should connect. Place the cannabis on top of the apple, light it, and enjoy the lovely fruity smoke.

2. Pringles can

Forget about everything and run out to get some Pringles! Are you ready to experience smoking weed from a Pringles can and probably enjoy the tasty chips after smoking? Of course, you need an empty can, and make sure it is clean so that you do not end up smoking chip bits. Use an ice pick to make a tiny hole on one side of the can top. Then make another small hole in the metallic bottom of the can. Almost done. Now put a joint into the top hole, light it, and start smoking!

3. Bamboo

If you are one of those eco-friendly marijuana smokers, then a bamboo bong is what you surely have to try. Take a bamboo stalk and smooth it out with sandpaper. Make a hole ¾ down the stalk using a drill. The best thing about bongs made of bamboo is that you may choose different sizes of the stalk depending on your lung capacity! Enjoy!

You do not have to use these exact bongs; take your time, switch on your creativity, and maybe your custom bong will become the new mainstream in the cannabis world.

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