“Hollyweed” Prank Perpetrator Turns Himself In

“Hollyweed” Prank Perpetrator Turns Himself In

Marijuana fans and lovers received quite a surprising New Year’s gift―the world-famous Hollywood sign was altered to read “Hollyweed.” Someone has changed the iconic landmark early in the morning on January 1, 2017.

Celebrating the legalization of marijuana in California

For most marijuana legalization supporters and activists, the unexpected change of the Hollywood sign was the best way to celebrate the long-awaited legalization of recreational weed in the Golden State. California was the first state in the nation to legalize cannabis for medical use, but it took Californians 20 years to finally decide that recreational weed should also be legal within the state borders.

When the ballot took place on  November 8, 2016, Californians supported Prop. 64. The law took effect on January 1, 2017. So the timing of the prank was more than perfect.

It was not for the first time

Curiously, it was not the first time someone has altered the legendary Hollywood sign in order to attract people’s attention to the problem of the prohibition of cannabis. In the mid-1970s, an artist named Danny Finegood used curtains to obscure certain parts of the sign so it would read “Hollyweed.” Finegood’s prank was his way to celebrate a new law that relaxed marijuana restrictions.

According to The Independent, Danny Finegood even earned an A grade thanks to his role in creating the first-ever “Hollyweed” sign. But considering the fact that Finegood passed away in 2007, it could not be him this time.

“Whoever did this, bravo”

Most people liked the altered look of the Hollywood sign.

The identity of the person that made such a gift to the LA citizens was a mystery for almost a week. Only on Monday, January 9, an artist named Zachary Cole Fernandez turned himself in and confessed that he was the one who used white tarps to make the Hollywood sing read “Hollyweed” once again.

According to the Los Angeles police department, the 30-year-old artist will be released on his own recognizance, but Fernandez must return to court on February 15, 2017.


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