History of Vaporizers: Greeks and Egyptians Were First

History of Vaporizers: Greeks and Egyptians Were First

Vaporizers can heat everything, starting from oils to various herbs, including marijuana. The notion of vaporizing is not as young as we have thought. It traces back to ancient civilizations where herbs were vaped for inhalation. In general, the technique of vaporizing has been the same since its inception in ancient times—the ingredients are heated to an optimum degree that ranges between 350—410 °F. That is the main difference between vaporizers and other devices for cannabis consumption (bongs, pipes, and joints) in which cannabis is burnt. The temperature is perfect for releasing the materials without charring the blends, as there is no combustion. These blends include various oils, wax or dry herbs that produce a soft vapor that is quite cool and does not irritate people’s eyes, nose, and throat.


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