History of Marijuana

History of Marijuana

Every year on April 20, people across the world gather together to smoke a joint and celebrate 420 day, or Weed Day. But do you know where cannabis actually comes from? Here you will find everything you need to know about your favorite plant.

The birthplace of weed

Smoking weed was “in trend” thousands of years ago in the times of the Vikings, medieval Germany and even before Christ! According to a study performed by Prof. Barney Warf from the University of Kansas in 2014, Cannabis sativa was one of the first crops invented by people  more than 12,000 years ago. Scientists suppose that cannabis first appeared in the steppes of Central Asia.At that time, cannabis appeared to be an abundant source of nutrients that prehistoric people needed so much.

Any proofs?

In Kurgan Burial sites archeologists usually find the burned weed seeds, which date back to 3000BC. Archeologists have found burned weed seeds in Kurgan burial sites in Siberia. And the presumable age of those graves is about 5000 years. And there was mummified psychoactive cannabis found in the tombs of Chinese noblemen who lived 4500 years ago. Moreover, over 6000 years ago, Chinese healers were using marijuana as an anesthetic for surgery.

How many types of the cannabis plant are there?

The scientists have identified three species and one  subspecies of marijuana so far:

Cannabis sativa, or simply marijuana,is a cannabis plant with psychoactive properties;

Cannabis sativa L, or hemp, is a plant that is widely used as a raw material for the production of cloth, oil, and fuel. In contrast to marijuana, it has no psychoactive properties;

Cannabis indica—is the second type of marijuana with psychoactive properties, that was discovered by J.B. Lamarck;

And the last psychoactive type of cannabis is Cannabis ruderalis, which was identified by Russian botanist Janischevisky in 1924.

When was cannabis prohibited for the very first time?

The first place where marijuana was made illegal is Utah. Back  in 1915, the use of marijuana in this state presupposed punishment. By 1937, cannabis was banned across the USA, and four years later, the number of states with banned marijuana raised up to 28.  In the UK, cannabis was banned in 1928 and added to the Dangerous Drugs Act of 1920. This fact, however, did not stop local doctors from prescribing weed as medication, so they continued doing so up until 1971.

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