Higher Than Ever: Five Super Joints That Will Blow Your Mind

Higher Than Ever: Five Super Joints That Will Blow Your Mind

Have you ever dreamed of discovering a new horizon in pot smoking? Are you searching for creative ways to spice up your favorite joint? If your answers were “yes,” do not hesitate to read our Stoned Age guide! These interesting tricks will provide you with an amazing smoking experience and hours of fun with your friends.

Meet Mr. Joint

Before we start performing different experiments with joints, let us learn more about them. First of all, a joint is the most popular and beloved type of roll. It is filled with cannabis without any additives.  So, when it comes to the battle spliff vs joint, cannabis classics lovers always choose a good old joint.

Now when you are aware of some theoretical aspects, be ready to open your mind to weed experiments.

Super-Powerful Kief

You have probably checked out the benefits of kief even without realizing it. It is a very concentrated type of cannabis that is very rich in THC (that magic substance that makes you feel high). All modern models of grinders contain a kief-catching compartment, so you could probably notice the green powder. That is what kief is.

Of course, it will take a lot of time to collect enough amount of this substance by filtration. But if you add it to your joint, the highest feelings are guaranteed.

Mix And Match

This pot trick cannot surprise an experienced smoker. But for a novice, it will be a real sensation. Mixing different buds in one roll is very easy, especially when there are so many interesting tutorials on the net. The only limit is your imagination.

The easiest way to create your joint of a lifetime is to roll your blunts or spliffs over the same container. Little fall-away particles will create the new combination.

Add Some Hash

Hash is one of the most ancient cannabis relatives, it is more than a thousand years old. People usually eat hash, but the most creative cannabis consumers smoke it.

Of course, it is impossible to smoke pure hash. That is why it would be a brilliant idea to soften it by  holding it over the lighter and then to crumble it on your joint’s filling. So, if you are searching for a piquant taste and amazing experience, experiments with hash are worth trying.

Add Some Oil

Of course, making hash honey (also known as hash oil) is a very time-consuming process. But you can buy it to perform all your weed tricks. To enhance your joint’s effect, just soak the rolling paper in hash oil. Do not forget to warm it up beforehand!

Now you are full of inspiration to work weed wonders! A good piece of advice from experienced smokers, three drops of creativity, some good pot, and a pinch of confidence—this is your recipe for a dream joint!

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