High Sex

High Sex

In your opinion, does weed or alcohol changes your sex in any way? Surely, it does. You have probably discussed with your friends the feelings that appear during sex while high, but do you want to hear all the nuances of stoned sex? If you are interested, then keep reading the article and find out what Joseph Palamar, assistant professor, and the team of scientists at New York University have discovered about the effects of marijuana and alcohol on our bodies during sex. Because the scientists were focused on getting the maximum out of details, they studied only 24 participants—50/50 males and females, all heterosexual.  

Some findings concerning weed and sex show that partners become more talkative, that is why sex lasts longer, but others point to the negative aspects that may appear during sex while high on weed, like memory loss and the feeling of regret. Here are eight ways alcohol and sex and marijuana and sex are connected:

1. Alcohol makes people more likely to connect with others, so you have a higher chance to find a partner. Not a surprise, right?

2. Weed allows people to feel sexier.

3. Sometimes, smoking weed makes people feel insecure. One of the male participants claimed that alcohol helped him numb his feeling of insecurity, but smoking increased body issues.

4. Marijuana makes people more relaxed and calm, though less social.

5. Smoking weed makes people pickier while choosing whom to spend time with. In cases when weed made people more talkative, some of the participants said they tended to be more careful when selecting the company they wanted to be surrounded by. Marijuana makes people selective, while drinking makes them indifferent.

6. Alcohol causes more aggressive behavior comparing to marijuana. Women have noticed that drunk men seemed more domineering and crazy in sex.

8. The illegality of weed facilitates the intimacy between partners. Smoking illegal weed together with the person you like is an intimate act.

8. Have sex under the influence of weed at least once, and you will want it all the time like a drug. Both male and female reported the desire to have more sex while high. Drunk people usually do not crave more sex under alcohol’s influence.

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