Hidden Hazards of Dry Ice Hash Use

Hidden Hazards of Dry Ice Hash Use

Hashish is a product extracted from the cannabis plant. It is a strong product, as it is made from the most potent element of the plant—trichomes, which produce a tacky substance. Marijuana and hashish differ in the concentration of active material, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other cannabinoids. Being made from the same plant, marijuana and hashish produce different effects because in the latter, the concentration of THC is much higher.

As for dry ice hash, it is a variety of marijuana products prepared by adding dry ice to the weed material so that the trichomes react to the dry ice gas and separate from other pieces of the plant. The final product is a light-green powder. As this sort of hash has a higher concentration of the active material, the effects it produces are even more drastic.

Among the short-term effects of hash use are troubles with memory and aptitude for learning. You may have heard a myth about marijuana users’ creativity in art, but in reality, this is far from the truth. When it comes to real-life situations, hash use affects the person’s ability to solve tasks and come to logical decisions. Some people who have consumed hash for a short period of time complain of being forgetful—it becomes especially difficult for them to remember names. The perception of time, colors, sounds, and touches is also influenced by weed consumption. Hash use also causes mental and psychiatric problems, for example, panic attacks or severe anxiety.

Besides the effects that appear right after the start of hash use, marijuana and hashish also have a variety of long-term consequences. As THC is stored mainly in fat tissues, it remains in the human body long after the last drug consumption. Afterwards, the drug addiction may show itself when a person works out or loses weight, which causes a strong drug craving. The users of dry ice hash may also develop tolerance for weed. It means that the body gets used to the dose of hashish, and the desired effect may be achieved only by increasing the amount of weed consumed.

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