Hidden Hazards of Dry Ice Hash Use

Hidden Hazards of Dry Ice Hash Use

If you are considering growing your personal weed plantation, you have definitely thought about growing weed indoors. It is a lot more convenient than growing marijuana outdoors, especially if you are aiming for a small plantation for personal use only. If you are growing indoors, you can control and adjust vital environmental conditions, such as lighting, humidity, CO2 levels, etc. More than that, it is much easier to protect marijuana from thieves and unfavorable weather conditions.

What you need to consider before you start growing indoors is how much space you have for your future plantation. Many people think that marijuana needs a lot of free space to grow and flourish, so they do not even try creating a home plantation. Actually, you can successfully grow weed even with limited space, you just need to arrange the room you have and plan the growing process accordingly. You can use strains that are naturally smaller, for example, indica instead of sativa. Also, remember that cannabis plants can be bent over and tied if you have too little space.

Another important factor in growing cannabis indoors is lighting. This plant loves sunlight, so you will have to use powerful artificial lighting to substitute natural light. The light installed for your cannabis plants should be able to produce at least 250 watts per square meter, with an ability of gradual enlargement to 400-600 watts. Remember that you can regulate the growth of your plants by regulating light exposure. By reducing the light exposure from 18-24 to 12 hours at a certain period of plant’s growth, which varies from strain to strain, you will start the flowering period earlier, therefore the plant will remain smaller and will not take up much space.

Growing marijuana indoors in the right conditions can give incredible results even if you have only 1-3 plants. The ability to control the environmental conditions and adjust them will allow you to produce high-quality weed and get a good yield regardless of weather conditions.

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