Herbal Vape Pen: Pros and Cons

Herbal Vape Pen: Pros and Cons

If you are still not a user of the dry herb vape, then you will probably become soon enough. In America, there are almost 2.5 million people who are regular users of vaporizers, and the number is rapidly growing. If you still have no idea what a vaporizer pen is, then it is the right time to get familiarized with it.

What is a vape pen?

A vaporizer pen is an innovative device that is powered by batteries and is designed in order to release the concentrated vapor from any floral material. A person inhales this vapor and receives the beneficial compounds it contains. Why a pen? It is very simple: it looks almost the same as a writing pen.

Vaping vs. smoking

Many smokers have asked themselves about the difference between smoking and vaping weed. So what is the answer? Unlike vape, smoke has a low level of active compounds and may contain carcinogens that eventually cause cancer.

Pros and cons of vaporizer pen

Before we start using something new, we surely want to know the pros and cons of the device. First, let us look at the pros of vape pens.

– Simplicity of the device: Vape pens are usually equipped with one or two buttons, so you do not need to have any special skills to start vaping weed.

– Discreet look: Due to their small size, vape pens can be easily concealed when you are walking in the street.

– Size: The majority of vapes are quite small, so you can easily put them in your pocket.

– Low price: Even if you decide to buy the most expensive vape pen, it will cost less than a desktop vaporizer.

Now it is time to look at the cons of vape pens.

– Low efficiency: Comparing to portable vapes, a vape pen is less powerful due to its small size. The vapor from the vape pen is lower in quality and will not bring as pure of an experience as the portable vape does.

– Short battery life: Small size of the pen means a small battery and short life of the vape pen.

– Dependence on batteries: No brand has yet created a vape pen that is independent from the battery recharge. So, you have to deal with it all the time if want to enjoy vaping.

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