Hempcrete: Grow your own house from hemp

Hempcrete: Grow your own house from hemp

This article is about hemp, but has nothing to do with low or high thc levels, hemp oil or benefits of medicinal hemp. It’s merely says about Hempcrete, but its merits should not be underestimated, it is changing the way of building houses in some countries already and benefitting environment. If you search info about weed and hemp differences you can read this article.

Hempcrete is an eco-building material made from inner stalk of the cannabis plant, lime and water. It has such benefits, that it is hardly can be denied, yet it is still unnoticed by the most of the world’s countries. It is produced and sold under the names “Hempcrete”, “Canobiote”, “Canosmose” and “Isochanvre”.

Eco-friendly hempcrete fits for house building, insulation, as well as for inner constructions: floors, walls and roofs. Professionals say it regulates moisture because it can breathe, resists water, mold and fire. It is said that it can endure earth shakes, because it is flexible but three times stronger than conventional concrete. When speaking about hemp used in place of trees to make paper, it is four times productive, more than that, it grows only four months comparing to years needed to grow a tree.

Today our society is concerned about carbon emissions. Concrete is the most man-made material and conventional building materials account for the half of all CO2 emissions. Obviously, the most persuasive argument in favor of Hempcrete is that it is carbon-negative. While hempcrete is made, less energy is consumed, there’s no need to heat up the lime as much as producers of concrete would need it, thus lowering carbon footprint of the building material.

Why don’t we use it? The prohibition to grow hemp is the main reason. Around 20 countries in the world grow hemp and produce certain materials from it, 15 from which are European countries, where it has been widely used for decades. In addition to all that, hempcrete is fully recyclable and requires no special utilization, after its lifecycle is over it can go back to your garden as soil. We can say that so far those countries only benefitted from hemp: they make paper from hemp and save trees, enjoy living in natural houses, the benefits of hemp seed oil and other hemp oil products.

Legalization of cannabis is going slowly in the U.S., but in the same time more and more states find the idea of cannabis legalization rational. So far we have only four states where pot is legal for recreational use and 15 states which legalized marijuana for medical use, in the rest of the U.S. cannabis is illegal.

Hopefully in our “one-storeyed” country it will be possible soon to grow yourself a house.

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