Hemp vs. Marijuana: Twins or Distant Relatives?

Hemp vs. Marijuana: Twins or Distant Relatives?

For many people, the borders between cannabis and hemp seem to be blurred. Indeed, these plants have many common features. Firstly, both hemp and marijuana are prohibited as they are historically associated with such narcotic substance as opium, for instance. And secondly, they look extremely similar and are “members” of the same family. But when it comes to the purposes of use and genetic details, the difference becomes obvious.

Multifunctional agricultural treasure

Hemp has always been considered one of the most productive kinds of crops ever. Numerous ways of using encourage farmers to grow this amazing plant.

• materials

Hemp fibers and other types of materials are renowned for their strength and long operating life.  That is why they are used in construction as well as in the textile industry (making clothes, organic bags, etc.) About 100 years ago people had a huge number of hemp fields as the plant was used for making paper!

• cosmetics

Lotions, creams, and balms with hemp extract can really work miracles. They moisturize the skin and make it softer and smoother.

• food industry

Hemp seeds are very high in proteins and other vital elements of a healthy nutrition. That is why they can be added to salads or green smoothies. Dietitians call hemp seeds the treasure troves of nutrients.

Green Doctor

Almost every teenager knows about the useful and harmful peculiarities of marijuana, so there is no point in telling about them in detail. But even some weed consumers are not aware of the medical functions of this plant.

Cannabis is a powerful natural painkiller that has helped thousands of patients overcome chronic pain after surgery or injuries.  Doctors prescribe using table-top vaporizers or special edibles to make patients recover faster. It is necessary to mention that using medical cannabis according to doctor’s recommendations does not lead to weed addiction.

Such Different Relatives

The major difference between hemp and cannabis is understood after learning more about their practical use. Hemp is irreplaceable in making materials, cosmetics, and food. It is not psychoactive as opposed to cannabis, that is why hemp products are absolutely safe. Marijuana can show all its benefits only during ingestion (consuming edibles, smoking pot, or using an electronic vaporizer).

Many countries throughout the globe are now making cannabis legal and removing the tag “narcotic” from this plant. Such actions allow scientists to discover new functions of this natural gift. And hemp research is currently used to invent eternal batteries.

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