HAWAII is developing medical marijuana dispensaries system

HAWAII is developing medical marijuana dispensaries system

Medical marijuana dispensary bill was signed by governor David Ige on July 11 to pas into the law. The new law that legalizes providing certified medical-cannabis patients with cannabis in eight medical dispensaries comes into force in November 2016.

According to Hawaii Department of Public Safety, there are approximately 13,000 medical marijuana card holders, who wait for the right to safely get proper pot for their treatment. Nevertheless, some say that economic success of the U.S. has inspired Hawaii to create a Task force to work on the recommendations how to establish a medical marijuana dispensaries system. Looking only at the Colorado’s experience: 200 dispensaries and $19 million of cash spent on weed in March 2014.  David Ige said that the main reason for creating a safe access to medical weed is the promise once made to their people and they should keep it. The well-being of the qualifying patients is very important and should not be disregarded.

To buy from dispensaries a patient’s condition should be on the list of eligible conditions: Cachexia, cancer, chronic pain, Crohn’s disease, glaucoma, HIV or AIDS, nausea, persistent muscle spasms, post traumatic stress and seizures. Every half of month patients would be able to get from dispensaries four ounces of weed or oils, tinctures or lozenges.

Interesting and contradictory fact is that certified patients had to buy their alternative medicine in the black market or grow it themselves. Actually, they have done so since 2000, when Hawaiian medical marijuana law was passed, because the law said nothing about legal and reliable sources of obtaining medical marijuana. Medical use of marijuana supposed acquisition, cultivation, use and transportation to the certified patient to relief the symptoms of debilitating condition. Starting from January 1, 2015, patients can use not more than 7 cannabis plants (comparing to 3 plants before 2015) regardless maturity and 4 ounces of dried plant.

Now Hawaiian Department of health is busy creating rules for administration, as well as criteria for getting a license and regulations. The system should be well regulated and easy to monitor. Applications for license will be accepted as soon as the bill becomes valid.

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