Hash vs. Weed: Is There Any Real Difference?

Hash vs. Weed: Is There Any Real Difference?

Of course, there is a difference and quite a significant one. We bet you are primarily interested in the difference of effects caused by hash and weed resulted by the difference in their psychoactive properties. Anyway, we believe the bigger picture and more broad knowledge will let you make a reasonable weed hash choice. So, let us take a closer look and find out what exactly sets apart one from another.


Both hash and weed are the derivations of cannabis, which is cultivated all around the globe. Still, weed (marijuana) is widely grown in America and Europe, while hash (hashish) takes its roots from the Middle East and Africa.

Strength and effect

When it comes to strength and intensity of the effect, the absolute winner is hashish. Still, hash and weed bring the same effect—the state of euphoria, relaxation, stress-relieving mode.
Although both hash and weed have an active ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol, its concentration in marijuana is considerably lower comparing to hashish. Therefore, a smaller amount of hashish is needed to get high.

The effect of hash is both stronger and longer-lasting due to certain chemical characteristics.

Healing properties

Whatever way of ingestion you prefer (vaporizing, eating, smoking, etc.), the weed hash tandem reportedly shows extraordinary benefits for health. Its healing effects range from reducing expressions of psychological and neural symptoms to contributing to shrinking cancer tumors without poisoning the body like chemotherapy does.

Legality in the United States

It stands to reason that hash is completely illegal in the USA due to its strong psychoactive properties, whilst medical marijuana is allowed by the state law in the majority of American states. Colorado and Washington are the only jurisdictions where weed is legal for recreational and medical use, with some restrictions, of course.

These are the main differences between weed and hash, which are barely known and taken into consideration by the common users in the U.S.

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