Hash, Edibles, Wax, and Smoking Weed—How Do They Differ?

Hash, Edibles, Wax, and Smoking Weed—How Do They Differ?

Do you enjoy smoking weed? Or do you use it as an effective painkiller? Or maybe you have never used it before and are only considering trying it? In any case, you will find this article very useful, as we are going to answer your main question: what is the difference between various ways of consuming marijuana? For the beginners, it is extremely important to define where to start their smoking experience without harming themselves and with only positive memories about their first time. The method of trial and error is the only way to define which type of marijuana consumption suits you the most.

1. To define which dosage is yours, just smoke some weed

According to a Vice report, a smoker needs to consume from 20,000 to 40,000 joints within 15 minutes to die from an overdose, so that is something you really do not have to worry about. Though, depending on your smoking experience, you can make yourself uncomfortable with too much of smoked pot. Take into account that hash and marijuana wax are more concentrated, and the dosage you have chosen for smoking marijuana will not be the same for these concentrates.

2. Cannabis wax effects are more intense than those of smoking marijuana and can cause hallucinations

Let us go back to 2013 and find the report in the Complex magazine, which claimed that the level of THC in marijuana wax reached 80%, and that it was so strong that some smokers were hospitalized after one dab.

3. Edibles are the most harmless way of using marijuana

Eating cannabis is definitely a better way of marijuana consumption for your lungs than smoking it. Why? Because when you smoke cannabis, combustion is created, which is followed by toxins and carcinogens that have a negative influence on your lungs.

4. Hybrids contain more THC than hash

A hybrid, or as it is also known “skunkweed,” is something between sativa and indica. According to The Guardian report, hybrids contain 15% of THC, which is more than hash does. So, although hash is definitely a more concentrated weed variety, it is not the strongest one.

Remember that marijuana is still a drug, and it has a lot of side effects you should avoid. More than that, if you are not the resident of the state where weed is legalized, be careful.

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