Harvesting Marijuana: 5 Tips to Become a Pro

Harvesting Marijuana: 5 Tips to Become a Pro

One of the most fascinating things that attract any grower is the ability to watch the plants move through their life cycle. If you have some experience in growing cannabis, then you know that the most touching moment is when your plants start to produce flowers. When the plant is grown up, and it seems like all troubles are behind you, the harvesting process crashes down on you. If you harvest weed improperly, you will never end up smoking a perfect joint. That is why we want to present you with five simple steps that may help you get the most out of your babies.

Step 1: Defining the harvesting time

A perfect cannabis harvest is the main aim of all growers. But this process requires some practical skills and knowledge. One of the things you should pay your attention to is the maturity of the trichomes. You should have noticed that just a couple of weeks after your flowers first appear, they become covered with short hairs called trichomes. Trichomes are the ones that contain the chemicals that make the strain potent. The best time to harvest marijuana is when trichomes change their color from milky to amber or brown. At this point, the buds are maximally filled with THC.

Step 2: Water the plants before harvesting

During the whole process of growing, cannabis plants can sometimes get build-ups of different minerals and nutrients. The majority of growers prefer to get rid of them through flushing the plant’s system with a pH around 6.2.

Step 3: Cut the flowers off

The key to your success at this stage is being gentle. The less the flowers are disturbed, the more trichomes are preserved. First, get rid of the leaves around the flowers you are going to cut off. Then, cut each branch off using garden scissors. Be sure you do not bang the flowers into each other.

Step 4: Dry the flowers

All you need to do is hang the branches upside down so that they do not touch each other. To do this properly, make sure your drying space is dark and is supplied with fresh air all the time. Leave the buds be until you can crack the small stems in your fingers with no efforts.

Step 5: Buds need to be cured

To maximize the potency of the buds, store the nugs in a dark and dry space for a week or two.

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