Growing Weed Outdoors

Growing Weed Outdoors

The peculiarities of outdoor marijuana growing can vary depending on the area. Different climates and growing conditions make it impossible to create one universal guide, but we will provide you with general tips and directions on how to grow the best weed in your outdoor garden. It takes mindful planning and careful planting for getting a rich and high-quality yield.

Spring has finally come, and it is time to plan your growing marijuana outdoors. The season traditionally lasts from March to October. After you have chosen all female marijuana plants that are at least one foot high and have developed root systems, you are ready to “play the gardener.”

Make sure that the temperature outside is stable and not less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit. We recommend you to spend the first phase of plants’ “hardening” indoors, giving them enough direct sunlight before they are transplanted into the ground. You should know that some strains may die, so it is advisable to start with as many weed plants as you can, even if you plan to grow a small amount. This way, you will be able to select only the best performers, while weaklings can be thrown away. For the first time, it is better to put cannabis plants back indoors at night to ensure good 18-24 hours of direct sunlight, at least until the day length is about 15 hours.

Do not use only one weed strain

Any time you decide to grow marijuana outdoors, do not limit yourself to only one strain. Include the strain that worked before and diversify the garden with new strains. Plant only female strains, as they give more potent and big yields comparing to male strains.

Keep an eye on weather conditions

The citizens of the western U.S. live face to face with extreme drought, continuous fires, and water shortages of the surface. So, the conditions for growing weed in that region are extremely complicated. If it happened so that you live in that area, remember that your plants will not survive without water-holding crystals, ground cover, and other methods of keeping your weed roots wet.

Growing marijuana outdoors requires much attention, but everything depends on you!

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