Growing medical cannabis causes pesticides use discussions

Growing medical cannabis causes pesticides use discussions

Due to lack of investing in cannabis researches about insects and vermin which destroy the plants the problems rise:  what can help by struggling with the infestations.

Since marijuana consume and nurture are legalized in some states, business comes out of basement to legal farms, warehouses and plantations, plants insects which could earlier destroy just a few bushes, can do the same with the hundreds or thousands of plants and start a milliondollar bankruptcy for growers. Some of them begin to introduce strength chemicals and herbicides into practice to protect the raw material.

The use of pesticides as it’s practiced in many countries is watched and controlled by the US administration and the federal law, which doesn’t include marijuana to farmers’ type of plant, which blocks any way for cannabis growers to start using herbicides legally. As long as it lasts illegal on the territory of the whole USA, chemists and scientists working on new chemicals can’t support the cannabis farmers as well.

Researches from marijuana testing laboratories meet the problem with no weapon: they neither have documents allowing usage of available pesticides, nor researches, which make progress in studying the necessary impact on the infected plants.

The law helps only in the case marijuana is legal in the state just because of worries about chemicals influence upon the health as cannabis substance is consumed many different ways including breathing in, eating and sometimes rubbing.

The use of inappropriate chemicals forced the inspectors to put thousands of bushes in Denver under quarantine. Though the lab tests showed no danger in the plants, some producers have exterminated their yield voluntarily, and some remain still under the control with no permission of being used or consumed. The same story took place in Oregon where over allowed amount of pesticides were found in cannabis oil. However, Oregon state law doesn’t describe precisely whether some of chemicals are under ban, which means that weed containing those still can be on sale.

So called “special local need registration” is able to apply not dangerous for health chemicals, but the herbicides legalization process can took years according to the offer of the Environmental Agency.  It demands not only time for testing, but lots of money as well. That leads to using the herbicides illegally by hundreds of farmers, so the police have no other choice as to conduct some lectures about legitimacy on chemicals. The growers aren’t against; they say, ability to buy infected weed on the black market doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be tested appropriately.

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